Will New Golf Balls Help My Game?

mc-lady-golf-ballsSo I’m crusin’ the ‘net and checking out golf ball reviews.

I gotta start hittin’ the little white ball around a mowed, green countryside soon, so I need to get some fresh golf balls.

I’m sure the one’s in my bag, left over from 2008, are bad, stale and not in a good mood.

So, as is my usual, I head over to The Golf Channel and see what they have to say about golf balls.

I got me two dozen MC Lady Precept, ’cause they were less than $10/dozen and because of their low compression. They work great for the first few weeks of our season, when it’s still cool and the air’s crisp.

I’ll head back later this week and get some other one’s for late May and early June.

Any suggestions?