Things to Look For When Shopping for Golf Shoes

Ecco Biom HydroMax™Golf Shoe 131004 When you’re shopping for Golf Shoes (especially if you’re shopping online), there are certain guidelines you need to consider.  I thought a post dedicated to these guidelines was in order. I also wanted to introduce you to the wide range of golf shoes from Ecco, so this will be a chance to do that as well.

When it comes to shopping for golf shoes, the key things to keep in mind are:

  • Design and Comfort – Obviously you want a pair of golf shoes that offer you the support, impact absorption, and exceptional comfort. When you’re playing a round of golf, the LAST thing you want to think about is your feet.  You need a pair of shoes designed so well that they do all of the thinking for you.
  • Fit – This one’s a no-brainer, but how could I leave it out of the list?! When you shop online for golf shoes, make sure the website features a comprehensive Size Chart. For Example, the great looking shoe you see to the right is from Ecco and is available online at Function The website provides a comprehensive size chart. right down to foot length. You can click through the shoe, itself, to see what I mean.
  • Price – When shopping for golf shoes, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. This is true for most things in life, isn’t it? If you play golf regularly, your feet, back, and hips will thank you if you look for quality rather than savings. Experts tell us that a great pair of golf shoes can actually even help your game. We’re all looking for a little edge out there – and the shoes you put on your feet can literally give you a sharp edge.
  • Weatherproof Warranty vs Water Resistant – Again, how often you play in in what types of conditions you’re willing to play in will help you determine which of these you’ll want to watch for.  A shoe with a “water resistant” label means there isn’t a “Waterproof Warranty” (usually a 2 year guarantee). A Weatherproof Warranty (which the shoe I’ve spotlighted on the right has).  If you play a lot of golf in the morning, you know what it’s like to play in dew – you’d be a great candidate for a waterproof warranty.

The shoe showcased above (as well as the ones shown below) are all from Function 18. Shop online at function 18 for a wide variety of great looking golf shoes.