Time For A New Glove

Today was a good day. I got a new glove. It’s a Nike Dri-Fit Tour.

It’s first for me. I’ve always worn FootJoy. They match my shoes.

I’ve tried Titleist a few times, too.

This new Nike matches my driver, which by the way is H-O-T !

It’s got their Dri-Fit fabric in a few strategic locations. The back of the hand, the fingers and thumb.
It feels thicker than the ones I’ve always had. Seems tighter to my hand, even though it took a larger size, an
XL versus L, than my old glove. It’s got a couple of quilted, for lack of a better word, seams that make it hug my hand.

Of course, it’s Cabretta leather, which feels really expensive.

Thank you, Nike, for not putting that stupid little removable ball marker on a fine piece of equipment like this.
If you use one of those, S-T-O-P it right now. Get a lucky dime, or a $1 gold coin, like I use.

It felt really good, did a good job and was all I needed in a glove, but I’ll let you know more after I’ve played a few more rounds in it.

That won’t take long, as I’m going to a local muni in a small western Kentucky town, Madisonville, tomorrow. I grew up there and they always have a good skins game on the weekends. I’m also going to east Tennessee next weekend. River Islands in Knoxville and then to The Bear Trace at Cumberland Mountain. Got a foursome of friends from Louisville heading down for some great golf and good food. Look out Corky’s BBQ in Pigeon Forge !