Please Give Me Your Advice on Golf Equipment

What is the one thing a golf equipment manufacturer could ask, tell, show or give you that would cause you to buy a new golf club?

Leave you answer in the comments section below this post.

One man’s (or woman’s) question is another man’s answer.

One single thing.

The one most important to you.

One thing.

Let’s tell ’em what we want and make ’em beg to give it to us!

It’s that time of the golf season for most of us.

The time when we sit back and wait for the manufacturers to bombard us with the new features of their new golf clubs.

They always have features, but they never have benefits.

High C.O.R? Who cares. What will it help me do? Drive the ball farther into the weeds?

Higher Moment of Inertia? Who cares? Will it really take 3 strokes off my game? Id so, why didn’t it do it this year?

Thinner face? Thicker topline? Whoop-de-freakin’-do!

Features, features and more features.

I need benefits. It’s all about me. Tell me what it’ll help me do and then SHOW ME how to do that.

Money back if it doesn’t work will be nice too.

Then YOU GUYS have some skin in the game and not just me.