Swing Juice Featured At Sony Open In Hawaii


Swing Juice

After one too many bleary-eyed 7AM tee times, avid amateur golfer Jon Mason was inspired to create an energy drink that would jump start his game in a healthy way, without a lot of caffeine, carbonation or sodium.

And now, through a strategic partnership with Sony, Swing Juice™ has been selected to hold the coveted role of Featured Energy Drink for the Sony Open in Hawaii January 9th- 15th, 2006. In addition, Swing Juice™ Energy Drink will also be featured at the Turtle Bay Championship (01/06) and the SBS Open (02/06).

Being selected as a featured Premium Energy Drink for these tournaments is a huge honor, ” said Swing Juice™ Founder and President Jon Mason. “ We look forward to successful and energized events, ” he added.

Created as the premium energy drink choice for golf athletes worldwide, Swing Juice™ Energy Drink contains ingredients specifically chosen to provide the mental edge needed to improve your game, all wrapped in a natural lemonade flavor:

Gingko Biloba: Sharpens focus & maintains concentration
Ginseng: Reduces stress, improves performance & boosts stamina
Taurine: Restores fatigued muscles
Guarana: Assists with endurance-based activities & quickens perception
Essential Vitamins D, B12, B6, and Niacin

Swing Juice™ will be available at select Country Clubs nationwide in the coming months as well as at www.SwingJuice.com.

A proud New England native, Mason is part owner of a Real Estate firm and also moonlights as a model for clients such as Tommy Hilfiger and Brooks Brothers. In addition, Mason is co-founder of the S & J Foundation, a charitable organization which benefits the Rhode Island ALS Chapter (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Swing Juice™ is his first child.