Phil Mickelson & Vince Gill – Never Seen Together ?

Phil Mickelson

Does anybody remember seeing Phil Mickelson and Vince Gill at the same time ?

Me neither.

Seriously, is Phil getting even heavier and can his hair get any shaggier ?

Remember how clean cut he was coming out of ASU ? Not anymore.

There’s no way he’s working out like the upper eschelon of golfers. His raw talent, pure and simple is what’s getting him near the top most of the time, but his conditioning is what’s holding him back.

72 – 73 on the weekend at the Big Blue Easy ain’t gonna get it done. And when you can’t hardly pack it all around for four rounds, you ain’t gonna win.

Why do you shoot 72 – 73 on the weekend, when everybody else is 64 – 66 ?

‘Cause you’re tired from packing all those bags. Nobody will ever confuse him and Bones, his caddie.

Here’s a prediction to write down, right now. No Top 5’s for Big Phil in the Majors in ’06. The round mound of bat it around has lost his desire to work out, if he ever had one, he can’t find a barber and he’s slowly losing his place among the Top 10 in the world.

Unless he uses this break to go on a crash diet and workout regimen, he’s done for the year.

All that talent and no mind to go with it. What a shame. Oh well, he can always host celebrity golf events with Vinny, his alster ego.

At least Vinny could always lose the pounds before the CMA’s !