New And Improved Mineral Mound State Park Golf Course

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – If you want a challenging, yet inexpensive golf trip, come to Kentucky and play several of the golf courses in the State Park system.

I recently had the chance to travel to Eddyville and play the improved version of Mineral Mound Golf Course.

The new Pro Shop/Clubhouse is a tremendous addition and the presence of Frank Cross, the new PGA Pro, makes me think it’s going to get even better over time.

New Clubhouse At Mineral Mound Golf Course


This new building makes a world of difference.

New facilities always seem to energize the staff and this one is no different.

I believe I paid $32 to ride and play 18 holes of golf. That’s a bargain anywhere, but especially here, because the back nine here are as good as any nine in the State.



10th Hole Mineral Mound Golf Course


Views like this rock wall, which waits for you after your tee ball on #10 are hard to find at this price.

I hit 3 iron, 7 iron and sand wedge into this 475 yard Par 5, from the next to last tees.

My buddy Pete is not big enough to play the back tees, so I moved up for him.

Next comes the Mineral Mound version of Amen corner. 11 thru 13 are tough to beat and they sit in a little triangle out on the peninsula. Did I mention the entire back 9 sits out in a bay of Lake Barkley ?


View from 13th Mineral Mound Golf Course


Did I mention you get views like this for your money ?

That would be the Kuttawa Marina, unless I miss my guess.

There’s several resorts, harbors, marinas and islets in view on this wonderful back nine.



13th Mineral Mound Golf Course


Here’s the view from th 13th tee.

Can you imagine trying to land in that fairway ?

Over an inlet, over or around a tree and keep from running thru the fairway.

This is my favorite Par 5 and maybe my favorite hole on the course.


16th Mineral Mound Golf Course


Playing a lot shorter than the yardage, the 16th is a great Par 3.

Obviously downhill the whole way, be careful not to pull it left into the bushes and watch out for speedboats on the green !

The combination of great greens, difficult fairways to hit and plenty of water, make this one of the best nines in the State.

I appreciate the effort they put into their new practice putting green, which is as good as their greens are.


New Practice Putting Green at Mineral Mound Golf Course


Take a hint from Mike and stop by the Barkley Lake Driving range, which is just before the entrance to Mineral Mound, on the right, as they really have no room to squeeze in a range around their property.

They have water jugs on the course and are in the process of building some comfort stations, although it’s a wee bit down the road.

Frank and his staff are very friendly and very helpful, so call ’em up and tell ’em Mike sent you.

And if you need a player, send me an email and I’ll be there in about 1 1/2 hours !

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