I Need A New 3-Wood

sonartec-3-woodI need a new 3-wood. I want it to have 13 or 14 degrees of loft.

I’ll hit that dude about 265, maybe more and I may not carry a driver, except for scrambles.

I’m going all out this year for lower scores and they tell me that lower scores happen more often when you play from the fairway.

After having so much fun looking for golf shoes a post or two ago, I figure why change something that’s working. So I headed over to The Golf Channel website and used their handy dandy filter/selector to look for all kinds of golf woods.

I used 3-4 simple, easy clicks to filter in fairway woods, right hand, graphite shafts and 13 degrees and all I have to do now is look for reviews of 23 3-woods, instead of the over 100 hundred I started with.

Pretty handy, if you ask me, to be able to get rid of all the elements that you don’t want and make your research into buying golf equipment a lot easier.

Anybody have a suggestion as to what 13 or 14 degree 3-wood is the best they’ve ever hit?

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