Have You Jumped On The BlogRush Train ?

Arrows pointing leftOver in the left-hand sidebar is a blog syndicator from BlogRush.

If you’re a golf blogger you may want to click my link and read about what BlogRush can potentially do to bring you more traffic.

I’m testing it out and will report back about what does or doesn’t happen for me, but you can click thru and watch a video and the sign-up is at no cost, so it’s basically a no-lose situation that only takes a couple of minutes to set it up.

There’ll be 5 blog posts in the Sports category shown on the widget. A click will open a new window, so you won’t lose the reader.

For every page view you serve back to them, you get your posts shown on another widget somewhere in the system.

Potentially, you could really see some staggering numbers, if your headlines are attractive to readers and if the widgets are easily seen on the other blogs in your category.

We’ll see if it does me any good.

For now, free and easy is the right cost at the right time, so go signup and try it out.

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