Golf Resorts and Timeshares

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Golf Resorts

Golf is one of the most popular leisure sports on the planet. That’s why golfing and vacations go so well together. Many resorts feature their own golf courses as well as vacation packages that offer you accommodations, amenities and rounds of golf at discounted prices.

These deals certainly add to the allure of golf resorts, but a more impressive characteristic is the conditioning and quality necessitated in the maintenance and upkeep of the courses. At many resorts you have access to pro-grade courses right outside of your door.


Great golfing can be found all over the globe. Timeshares can also be found all over the globe.

The availability of great courses and timeshare rentals make a cost-efficient combination. Because timeshares are so accessible, they have become low cost compared to most conventional vacation lodging. The escalation in the popularity of vacationing worldwide has driven the price of accommodations down.

Over the past decade the travel industry has experienced increased success, presumably because of the enhancement of resort quality. As I mentioned earlier, essentially anyone can have access to pro-grade courses at certain establishments if they desire. Not too long ago these features were only available to upper class travelers.

In addition to the low cost of timeshares, timeshares resales offer an average of 60% savings over market prices. Vacation property resales are a relatively new concept, and there are countless properties available in an assortment of locations around the world.

Golfing Timeshare Locations

Every different location has something unique to offer. Now that you know all the options you have, all you have to do is decide what type of golfer you are.

Are you the type that wants Canadian mountains fashioning the backdrop behind the green ?

If you like a dry heat, Scottsdale, Arizona’s red rock desert features several world-renowned courses.

Bermuda, Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach satisfy your craving to play in the shade of palm trees.

If you want lesser-known destinations for great golfing check out Argentina, South Africa or Australia, all of which provide astounding grounds.

If you are the type of golfer that likes to travel to a different place every year then you have the opportunity to fully take advantage of what timeshares have to offer.

A principle aspect of timeshares is that they can be exchanged for different property. You can exchange your timeshare for another at a different golf destination every year if you want.

For the travelling golfer timeshares is the ultimate accessory.