Get Your Grooves On

Over the past few months, we’ve all seen lots of information . . . and misinformation . . . on the changes in the Rules of Golf regarding grooves on irons and wedges.

So, to set the story straight, EIDOLON Golf President Terry Koehler aka The Wedge Guy and award-winning golf journalist Steve Pike have written “The Spin Zone – The Real Truth About Grooves.”

This 24-page ebook is FREE for downloading at a new website:

This is the most comprehensive explanation of the new rules that has been published anywhere. You’ll learn exactly how and why the rule came about and how it will affect your golf and equipment purchasing, if at all. also offers you a chance to take “The Great Groove Survey”, which will let you make your thoughts and feelings on the subject be heard.

I’ve already been there, taken the survey, signed up for further updates and downloaded the ebook.

No pain, no effort, no reason not to go, so do it now!