Evansville’s Finest: Cambridge Golf Club

A few days ago the Travelling Golfer and 3 friends had the extreme privilege to play a round of golf just outside of the metro part of Evansville, Indiana, at Cambridge Golf Club.

It’s always been one of my favorite places to play and this round was no different.

The new Pro over there, Matt Scheessele and his #1 staffer, Alisha, took such good care of us that I knew if the World’s Best Golf Course Owner, Mr. Wright was there, he’d have been very proud of them!

I’ve never had a bad sandwich in their grillroom and the Black and Bleu Burger was great as always!

The wind was howling, but we enjoyed the heck out of the round, because the Keeper of The Greens, Tony, has everything in top notch shape, as always.

The carts are always fully charged and the place is made even better by the great people who play there on a regular basis.

The range, with it’s zoysia, is always in great shape and gets you ready for the fine fairways and tough, but well groomed, greens.

If I could live and play there for the rest of my days, I’d be a happy Travelling Golfer!

The only bad part of playing at Cambridge is trying to decide where to eat dinner afterwards 😉

You have to choose to go back to their grillroom or go to Stoll’s or go to The Log Inn or the The Haub or to …er, well, you see my dilemma.

If you’re heading over there, tell ’em the Travelling Golfer sent you, or send me an email and I’ll join you!