Do You Play Golf Betting Games?

One of my really good friends goes to Tunica, Mississippi to play golf and gamble.

I only gamble by hitting a 5-iron instead of a hybrid.

That was a joke … a bad one, but a joke.

I do actually play some Nassau’s, some Skins Games, some Greenie’s and some Low Ball-Low Total.

I tend to lose becuase I won’t lie about my handicap.

My buddy also heads out to Vegas every now and then, plays golf and visits the casinos.

To help him out, since he’s a faithful reader, I decided to post a link to a guide to 10 Of  The Best Casinos In The World.

From now on, when he’s in the mood to travel, play golf and gamble, he can just revisit this post, pick a number and go.

Heck, he could even turn it into a bucket list of sorts!

If you’ve visited any of these or played golf around them, leave us a comment and tell everybody about your experience.