Dale Hollow State Park Golf Course Video

Recently, I had the pleasure to re-visit one of my favorite golf courses in the whole world at Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park.

Bruce and his staff are some of the friendliest people in the world and always make you feel like an old friend.

Speaking of old friends, while I was waiting for my playing partner to arrive, I ran into another old friend, Roger, from Louisville. Small world 😉

We got started around12:30 or so, which we hoped would get us finished in time to beat the rush for dinner at the Mary Ray Oaken Lodge, where the food’s always pretty good and the service is usually not very good. History repeated itself, as my buddy Mike’s Hot Brown was good, as was my plate of Kentucky Fare, but our waitress was a dud and the other waitstaff was oblivious as well.

Karma was pretty thick that night because the door to my room would not open and after two trips back to the front desk, they finally gave me another room.

Enough about the lodge and it’s trials and travails, let’s get back to the golf course which was as beautiful as ever. The Zoysia had the ball sitting up lik it was on a tee and the bentgrass tee’s were in perfect shape, as usual.

The greens were a bit shaggy, which was to protect them from the heat and humidity, but once you got the speed, they rolled very nicely.

The whole golf course experience is always top-notch at Dale Hollow and the lodge experience is just something you have to live with.

Words can hardly do the golf course justice, so I made a video to try and entice you into going out there and enjoying some good ol’ Kentucky mountain golf!