Congratulations Utah’s Undefeated Utes!

Damn Alabama. They lost my bet for me.

They came into the Sugar Bowl unprepared for the undefeated Utah Passin’ Utes and their secret weapon: Vasilopita.

The Utes were hungrier, better prepared, better coached and have the most loyal fan in the world on their side. That defense was fast and uber-coached.

My golf blog buddy Tony and I bet a post on the game and this is dedicated to him.

I tried to rep the SEC as the best football league in the nation, but undefeated is undefeated.

I think a 13-0 team that beat a team that was ranked #1 for most of the year deserves to play for the title on the field. And I think the Mountain West has proved they deserve an automatic BCS bid or two. First it was Boise St. whuppin’ Oklahoma’s butt and now the Utes have whupped Alabama.

But the most important thing is for everybody to click thru to tony’s blog and congratulate him.

Leave him a comment and tell him I’m now a believer !