Have You Played Cambridge Golf Club Lately?

Three Amigos

As usual, when the Travelling Golfer and his friends travel to Evansville, we play at Cambridge Golf Club… and we enjoy ourselves immensely!

We recently stopped by to see Matt and his staff and were treated like royalty, as is usual.

Tony had the greens in good shape and the area around the greens was in fantastic for the few greens we didn’t hit in regulation.

The zoysia fairways and tee boxes make golf easy, but they take away a few of my usual excuses 😉

The wind was fairly calm for the exposed nature of the course, which is laid out amongst 170 acres of rolling farmland.

The views from up top make it worth the short drive and the big, undulated greens are a real treat, even though my putter kept me out of the 70’s.

I hit the ball long, thanks in part to my Martini Golf Tees, which I truly love. Did I mention that I’ve only lost one this year?

They are indestructible, too. My current pink one’s been in play for lotsa rounds and I’m able to tee it low or high and I’ve never hit more fairways than since I started using them.

My boys in the photo above, Phillip, Mike and Steve, were all playing well and it was one big laugh track, along with some serious golf.

Speaking of playing well, my EIDOLON wedges seem to be getting better with age. I’m pitching, chipping and hittin’ more greens than ever before.

Tony, the Master of The Greens and Grounds, has the place in great shape and you need to make the trip over to play Cambridge ASAP!

The best part is, the place will be in great shape until at least Thanksgiving or after, so I’ve got time to play it a bunch more before winter!

Stop by Cambridge today and tell ’em Mike sent you!

This Cambridge isn’t in England, but if you happen to head over the pond, be sure to stay in London Hotels.