Bent My New Pitching Wedge!

Bent Club

I went out for a quick 9 for the first time since I blew a disc last August. I had replaced my Adams a07OS with newer, better a12OS hybrid set and I loved the 10-20 range balls I hit over a two week period.

My first hole was a 13* 3-wood then a Gap wedge. The next hole was 13* 3-wood and PW and what you see above is what happened.

I didn’t even know it until the 8th hole when I needed the PW again.

I pulled it out of the bag, got into my setup and go “Whaaaaaat?!”

I’m gonna Tweet the great folks at Adams Golf and see if they can help out a loyal customer like me 😉

I’ve gotta play my first 18 hole round since last August next week and I need a PW!