Amphibian Towel and BrushPro Review

my-golf-bag-2Now that I have ’em, I’m never giving ’em up!

How many golf related items can you say that about?

Your driver? Nope.

Your putter? Nope.

Your wedges? Not til they wear out.


My Amphibian Towel and my BrushPro? You have no chance at gettin’ ’em off my bag! Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Why? How many golf towels can you find that are wet inside and dry outside? Or dry inside and wet outside?

With the Amphibian Towel, you can have it either way.

It’s a few degrees over 90 in Kentucky today and I can pour water on the inside of my Amphibian and use the inside to clean off my clubs and the outside to dry ’em off.

Last week, when it was raining off and on for a week, all I had to do was reverse the process. I used the outside as the wet and the inside stayed dry for the entire round, even with me wiping off clubs 2-3 times per hole.

I’m in golf towel love, so do not try to come between us!

And the BrushPro was the best tool I’ve ever used for cleaning my grooves. Whether I used the retractable spike or the combo bristles, both were as good as I could have wanted.


I got mine in University of Kentucky blue to help balance out the Western Kentucky Hilltopper mascot headcover, Big Red!

Whatever color you choose, the Amphibian Towel and the Brushpro get the Travelling Golfer’s highest recommendation!