5 Best Golf Games in the Apple Store

There’s an ever growing offer of golf related game apps in the Apple store. And it’s often difficult to find the games that correspond with what kind of gamer you are. This list will try to find the best golf games for the different types of players that exist. So whether you are a pro-golfer wannabe, a casual golf follower or a quick-fix-seeker type gamer, this list will give you some suggestions on which golf games will suit your wants and needs the best.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

We start off this list with a game which, in all honesty, will feel superior to all other golf games if you are a golf enthusiast. EA Sports have always been several steps ahead of the competition in terms of gameplay and graphics, and this game is no exception. Real fans of golf will definitely appreciate the remarkably detailed courses, together with the top notch graphics, and the several modes and challenges available. The game features 7 championship golf courses, St. Andrews, TPC Sawgrass, Pebble Beach, Greenbrier, Hazeltine, Doral, and TPC Boston. You can play in three different modes: Solo, PGA Tour or head-to head and you also have the possibility to participate in the Tiger Challenge. This all makes for a wonderful gaming experience.

However, there is one drawback to this game – it targets golf lovers and followers as its principle gaming community. This might put off those who would like to participate in a more vivid and animated golf game and not worry too much about the fundamentals of golf, and let’s be honest, the majority of people don’t follow golf avidly. Even golf loving countries like South Africa, Canada and Australia have gamers who don’t follow golf on a day to day basis.  Maybe the people at EA Sports should have included prizes and promotions for South Africans, Canadians, and Australians so that they could have a larger golf gamming community there.

GL Golf

The next entry on this list is GL Golf. It is a 3D sports game aimed at the occasional golf follower. It boasts a realistic feel, accurately uses the physics of golf and possesses simple, but neat graphics.  Up to four players can participate in the game, there are three difficulty modes and you can keep track of your score. There are also online tournaments and over 800 holes to play on. The thing which impresses the most, however, is how realistic the game playing conditions are. There are water hazards, you can get stuck in the sand, there’s wind to account for, the seasons are changing, and you can play in different parts of the day. In addition, if you are feeling bored you can customize your golfer, who can be male or female. All in all this is a great game for both golf enthusiasts and golf novices.

 Golf Games in the Apple Store

Flick Golf

So far on this list there has been a game for both the professional and for the casual golf lover. Now it’s time for a game for those who are more into the animated feel a game offers, and Flick Golf is just that. As is evident from the name of the game, the aim is to flick the ball at different targets. You can affect the trajectory of the ball both in-flight and down on the ground. There are many challenges, as well as targets, but the fact that the game can be updated with new versions and add-ons makes it impossible to get tired of playing it. All in all, it’s a simple game, which can be used as an irreplaceable indulgence whenever you have nothing to do.

Super Stickman Golf

We are now moving on from the quick fix of colours and animation that Flick Golf is to the Angry Birds of a golf game – Super Stickman Golf. Some might immediately wonder why an 8-bit game with 2-D graphics is on this list, but the fact that you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of golf makes it really appealing to almost every iPhone user. The gameplay is extremely simple and straightforward, and the things which you must focus on are accuracy, pitch and distance. However, be wary of the different route options and obstacles that are placed in your way, they can sometimes be a real nuisance. To sum up, this is basically a game for both young and old. And you can also try out the free version which is addictive as well.

 Golf Games in the Apple Store

Let’s Golf 3

We end this list with a game which is free to download from the Apple store. The Let’s Golf series are very similar to the old Super Mario Golf games and the gameplay is almost identical. This makes the Let’s Golf games really enchanting for kids. There are some amazing backdrops and surroundings and this gives a fun and stimulating feel to the player. However, the creators of the game shouldn’t be just credited for the graphics, because the game also feels very real. In many aspects it is similar to the Tiger Woods game in terms of giving you a real golf-playing experience. Finally, and this is probably to make the game even more appealing to children, there are customizable golfers you can use and play with at the same time.