3 Questions About Golf Clothing and Outerwear

Galvin Green Acton GoreTex Waterproof Jacket Green_2

When I think of golf clothing, I have 3 questions that immediately come to mind.

Is it stylish?

Does it perform?

Can I afford it?

Golf clothing has now become a thriving industry in itself, with the world’s leading brands competing to become the most popular on the course. Tournaments such as the Masters and the upcoming US Open have now become a “Catwalk” for brands to showcase their latest ranges to the golfing world.

In my opinion, despite many sporting brands having great success in the golfing industry, you can’t go wrong with a brand, such as Galvin Green, that specializes in golf clothing. Their golfing focus has made them a trusted brand amongst both professional and amateur golfers over the years.

The Galvin Green waterproof line is legendary amongst Pro tour players and amateurs worldwide and is a great investment, as the high quality material is sure to last you many, many years on the greens.

It’s almost like they asked golfers to design their items, not “engineers”. The Galvin Green collection has room exactly where you need it without being baggy and unattractive, fitting like a golfer wants to be fitted.

It’s been one of the wettest Spring’s on record here near my home,and the waterproofs have definitely been a necessity lately. Golf umbrellas may keep you dry between holes, but Galvin Green Waterproofs are by far the best, practical solution for keeping dry and comfortable when playing.

For style, performance and affordability, you should run, not walk, to grab some Galvin Green golf wear!

Galvin Green is now available for purchase online at www.function18.com.