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New ruletwentyone back-pocket golf towel supports the industry and economy.

ruletwentyone golf towels

ruletwentyone, a new waterproof back-pocket towel that was launched at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, has announced it is committed to creating a socially conscious company that offers innovation to the golf world and gives back to the rest, including the U.S. economy.

The company has created a solution for golfers to put clean shots at their
fingertips with a functional and fashionable ball and clubface cleaning towel that has a social conscience and is affordable. The new ruletwentyone tool is available for under $20, Made in the U.S.A. and created with eco-friendly materials.

With the economy faltering, I felt like I needed to do my part,” says Joe
Borgenicht, CEO and founder of rulegolf. “I found a way to contribute to keeping our own economy moving and established a company based on my passion for the game of golf.

Borgenicht, an Oxford educated auto-mechanic, television producer and renowned author, decided to embrace his passion for the game of golf and launch rulegolf in 2008. Originally looking at product development overseas, he was influenced by the state of our world. Borgenicht therefore adapted his business plan to transition development from overseas back to the states, and pressed forward by providing quality, innovation, and a Made in the U.S.A. tag.

I remembered something that I learned after returning home from a three-month motorcycle trip around the Indian sub-continent,” says Borgenicht. “Whatever you’re looking for, is most likely in your own backyard,” he says. “Within two weeks of changing my business plan, I discovered three different factories less than an hour and a half from our offices. These companies could each do their part and help to create a quality, innovative product that is Made in the U.S.A.”

Borgenicht, who has always let his instincts and interests drive his entrepreneurial spirit, says he is convinced that cool, new, innovative accessories will help drive this economy for the golf industry. “All of my retailers keep telling me that our price point is a perfect fit for their pro-shops. And, my direct sale customers say the same thing. Avid golfers might be faced to choose between a $300 GPS system and a high-end, must-have, intuitive tool for under $20 that simplifies their game,” he
says. “ruletwentyone is a solid sell,” confirms Borgenicht.

Mark Ashton, with Baker Hill Golf Club in New Hampshire, says that when buying for his shop each year, he looks for items that are unique and useful at a good price. “The ruletwentyone towel introduces an exciting idea to a bland product. People will certainly notice it. When they find out it works, it’s convenient and inexpensive, they will purchase it,” he says.

Current golf industry reports indicate that 2009 PGA Merchandise Show attendees were looking for relatively low-cost items that would make for impulse buys…in a year when consumers may procrastinate buying a new driver or set of irons. Reports stated that the goal was to find items that would work well as gifts and prizes for tournaments and outings.*

ruletwentyone is an affordable tool for the game of golf that can result in a
smoother game, helping to uplift the golf industry and most importantly, a
recovering economy. For more information surrounding Joe Borgenicht, rulegolf and ruletwentyone, visit:

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  • Sounds like a great towel. Incredible how a post about a golf towel can lead into topics like the U.S. economy and social consciousness. Interests seem to be turning in these directions, and even in the golf world there is opportunity to capitalize on it with simple, fresh, and innovative products!

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  • You never know which way the ball or the conversation will roll around here Kev.

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