IGotcha Ready: Will It Keep Me From Starting Slow?

IGotcha Ready


Has anybody tried this pre-round golf training aid ? I just read that it was used by the winner of the Greater Hickory Classic on the Champions Tour, along with the second place finisher.

The premise sounds nice, as I like to make about 30 swings before I play, but I like to actually hit balls, rather than air. But for those times when I can’t or there isn’t a range available, I’d like to have some kind of warm-up routine.

Maybe I’ll contact the owner, Jim Light, president and founder of Pro Line Sports.

Maybe he’ll send me one to review and report back to you guys about.

Maybe I’ll do that when I get back from Greensboro, NC. Yeah.

If you’ve used or seen somebody use one, tell us what you think in the comments below.

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