Etonic’s G-Sok Golf Glove

Etonic G-Sok Golf Glove

Have you seen Etonic’s new G-Sok golf glove on the shelves yet ?

Me neither, but I hope to find one soon, because I love their G-Sok golf shoes with an unhealthy passion, as golf shoes go.

The image you see at the left is from their intertactive golf glove edutainer.

Their site will tell you all you never wanted to know about their new golf glove, but I’ll bet it won’t rank as well in the search engines as this post will after about 2 days.

If the glove feels anywhere near as good as their G-Sok golf shoes do, they have a real winner, because those shoes feel better on my feet than any pair of shoes I own.

Let me know if you’ve tried one of these yet.

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  • Is there a g-sok…sock? 🙂

  • Those are coming soon, Sean !

    (Hint, hint, to the Etonic guys )

    I do have Etonic shoes and loves ’em a lots.

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