SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer Review

This thing is the bombdiggity!

Analyze EVERY part of your golf swing!

I just got a GOLFZON SwingTalk golf swing analyzer and I’m already hooked on the feedback it gives me!

As you can see in the pic above, you get the analyzer itself, a USB cable a Quick Start Guide and a sweet little carrying case.

I charged it up for an hour or so and then it took me about 10-15 minutes to get it hooked into my iPhone by Bluetooth and download the app. Make sure you hook it up to your phone BEFORE you download the app.

Within another 15 minutes I was in my yard hitting ball after ball with my 7-iron and my swing speed was pretty consistent, or so said the app. The fact that the balls were flying to about the same spot in my back pasture was a good indication that the app is pretty accurate.

My tempo rarely changes and my swing’s pretty consistent. Not pretty. Not good. But consistent.

It’s hard to believe that this little “button” looking sensor in the pic below can be this powerful, but it dang sure is!

This little device is powerful!

SwingTalk calculates and stores all the different phases of your golf swing. From address position, to backswing, to the top of your swing, downswing and impact position. Then it analyzes the impact phase, the wiggle of your club shaft, clubhead speed, swing type (outside-in or inside-out) and swing tempo. The best part is that all of this info is transmitted via Bluetooth to your smartphone instantaneously!

This happens by that little 10.5 gram sensor that attaches to the grip-end of your club and it tracks the motion of your club throughout your swing. I happen to have Adams golf clubs and I had a wee bit of trouble getting the sensor to insert fully into the grip of my 7-iron. But life’s about adapting and adjusting, so I used an Exacto knife to work on the hole in my grip and it went in like a champ. I’d like it better if it attached more firmly in a different manor, buy hey, it works and that’s what matters.

I’d be a terrible reviewer if I didn’t tell you the bad to go along with all that good.

The app isn’t very intuitive, meaning it’s not setup as well as I’d like it to be.

It needs to be much more basic, as in 1-2-3 steps.

Step 1: Do this.

Step 2: Do this.

Etc, etc, etc.

Out on the range, hitting balls, you want to be able to quickly and easily go thru the 3, 5, 7 or 10 steps to use a device like this and you need the font and buttons to be bigger. 18 yr old golfers don’t buy devices. 50 yr old golfers do and we need big buttons, big fonts and clearly marked steps to take to accomplish the task.

The truth is, the SwingTalk golf swing analyzer may be too powerful!

Bring the app down to 5th grade level and this thing will sell.

I’m gonna put the rest of the pics from this first test at the bottom of this post.

I’m gonna keep using this analyzer and this is not a one time test, review and never hear from it again.

This thing has potential and I intend to use it on some of my friends swings as well as my own. Stay tuned for more!

Need Help Reading Greens ?


What are the chances that I can get away with using this sweet little thang as my ballmark the next time I play a round at my local club ?

It’s called EEZ-READ and pronounced easy read and the inventor says it will give me a quick read to see if the green is uphill, downhill, breaks left, breaks right, etc.

I don’t know about you, but even if I can’t use it in competition, I’d still like to go out and survey my local clubs greens and make a nice little diagram like the well paid boys use.

If anybody has any experience with this, let me know what you think.

Can Sonic Golf Make You Dance On The Greens ?

Sonic GolfFor those who think and say that golf is a game of feel, Dr. Robert Grober may change the way we feel.

Dr. Grober developed the technology behind Sonic Golf, a system that translates each golfer’s swing into a series of audible tones that reflect speed and tempo. By listening to the sounds generated during the swing, a golfer can more easily make changes, resulting in dramatic improvements for beginning golfers and easy tweaking for advanced players.

“Sonic Golf helps golfers make the transition from mechanics to golf swing.” – Jerry King, PGA Teaching Professional, Kapalua Golf Academy, Maui

We all know that good golf swings are rhythmic, but usually a beginning golfer’s swing hasn’t progressed to that level yet, unless he/she was born with a sense of rhythm.

So Grober, a physics professor at Yale, spent more than a decade researching the golf swing. The Sonic Golf system that he developed and now uses with everyone from new golfers to PGA Tour pros utilizes a sensor that is installed in the grip of a club.

With the information about the swing that the sensor generates, sound is transferred to wireless headphones that the golfer wears. The feedback helps the golfer adjust the swing; results can be seen in as little as 20 minutes.

“Sonic Golf provided me a different way of understanding my swing.” – Charlotte Mayorkas, LPGA Futures Tour

Most professional golfers already have a good idea of tempo and rhythm.

Take Tiger Woods for example.

He takes 1.08 seconds to hit a driver, and he takes 1.08 seconds to hit a wedge. A swing that’s repetitive and consistent is the hallmark of a great golfer.

The company plans to release a version of the Sonic Golf system that users can purchase for their own use. Interested golfers will be able to purchase a club already outfitted with the sensor, or can buy the sensor for their own clubs. Plus, Allen says the company is working with a major grip manufacturer to have grips that will open for easy insertion and removal of the device.

Sonic Golf is likely to appeal to teaching professionals, too, as another way to get across their messages about swing changes.

For those of us who struggle with tempo and weren’t born with great rhythm, this invention could be the difference in long lasting golf happiness versus a lifetime of frustration.

Visit the Sonic Golf website for more info.

IGotcha Ready: Will It Keep Me From Starting Slow?

IGotcha Ready


Has anybody tried this pre-round golf training aid ? I just read that it was used by the winner of the Greater Hickory Classic on the Champions Tour, along with the second place finisher.

The premise sounds nice, as I like to make about 30 swings before I play, but I like to actually hit balls, rather than air. But for those times when I can’t or there isn’t a range available, I’d like to have some kind of warm-up routine.

Maybe I’ll contact the owner, Jim Light, president and founder of Pro Line Sports.

Maybe he’ll send me one to review and report back to you guys about.

Maybe I’ll do that when I get back from Greensboro, NC. Yeah.

If you’ve used or seen somebody use one, tell us what you think in the comments below.