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coach-joey-dI just found Coach Joey D’s blog and website and there’s more golf fitness related content on there than I can shake a putter at.

I just bought a new Nickent 3DX 17 degree hybrid to go with the 20 degree that I alreadt had and love dearly.

The golf shop guy working the launch monitor marveled that a 6’2″, 260 lb. salesman could carry a 17 degree hybrid 250 yards.

If there had been this type of info around BEFORE the 260 lbs. got on my linebacker frame…

If I was flexible, yet stable in my core…

If I didn’t drive 350 miles a day for my daytime, offline career…

Who knows?

I do know this – if you need education, equipment or entertainment, head over to Joey D’s sites and check ’em out … before you get too far gone like me 😉

Coach Joey D’s blog

GolfGym Website

Golf And Yoga Together At Last

Katherine Roberts

I just noticed that on my birthday, January 22nd, The Golf Channel is going to debut a new show from fitness guru Katherine Roberts.

It’s called The Turn.

In case you’re wondering where else you might have seen or can see more of Katherine, here’s an update :

You can see Katherine’s Fitness Tips every Monday night on Your Game Night airing on The Golf Channel.

Look for Katherine’s article in the December issue of Golf Magazine on how you can train your upper body to be strong like Tiger’s.

Katherine taught with Hank Haney in November in Scottsdale, and will be doing other golf schools with him in 2007 . Keep track of upcoming ESPN Golf School events with Hank Haney.

New Golf Stretches DVD

Mike Pedersen

Here’s a quick heads up to let you know my good friend Mike Pedersen of Golf-Trainer and PerformBetterGolf is putting together a “plug-n-play” golf stretching DVD. Mike says it will quickly improve your range of motion, power and overall consistency and eliminate that nagging back ache that all us golfers suffer from.

He is doing a ” pre-order ” offer today for $19.95 (plus shipping) and said it will go up at least $10, maybe $15 when finished.

If you’re interested in improving your flexibility, golf fitness and power, click thru to this special offer and enjoy the benefits of golf specific stretches.

Clicking here will take you straight to Mike’s secure server to place your pre-order for his golf stretches DVD.

Mike says it will ship in 3 weeks, but place your order right away to get this low price.

EDIT – 11:10 AM – If you don’t think stretches and fitness are important for golf, check page 130 of the August issue of Golf Digest, which I just opened.

Have You Read These Golf Blog Posts ?

Just looked thru my RSS feed reader and my inbox and found that Mike Pedersen has just posted an article called ” Golf Warm Up Exercises To Avoid Those First Hole Blowups “.

I just read it and will be using it on Tuesday the 27th of June ( today ) when I play Novadell in Hopkinsville, KY for the first time. I’ll write up a full review in a day or so.

I also found an interview with our own Megan Heckeroth, done by Jason over at Beginner Golfing.

Click thru and give ’em both a read and you’ll be glad you did.

Golf Specific Stretches

I just got a heads up from my blog friend Mike Pedersen that he has a new article about golf specific stretches that will help you AND your game.

Click thru to Mike’s blog and see if they can help you…and while you’re there, try some of Mike’s fabulous resources, like a weighted swing trainer, an exercise ball or any of his fine golf fitness products.

He has my Seal of Approval !

CORE Golf Trainer Unveiled

CORE Sports Performance, Inc. proudly announces the introduction of its patented CORE Golf Trainer®, the only hydraulic-based fitness equipment specifically designed to train and strengthen a golfer’s core muscle groups. A unique and innovative approach to golf fitness, the CORE Golf Trainer produces a perfect simulation of an actual golf swing to help users improve technique, strength and endurance. It is now available to sports training facilities, gyms, fitness centers, golf schools and athletic programs throughout the country.

CORE Golf Trainer

According to the CORE Golf Trainer’s inventor, fitness instructor Kevin Cavaretta, the machine is unlike any other fitness equipment or devices in golf today. Rather than relying on pulleys, bands or other free weight resistance, the CORE Golf Trainer utilizes sophisticated hydraulics to concentrate its resistance directly in front of a golfer’s torso at all times. Through a series of exercise routines, the user can work all of the core muscles –upper back and torso, abdomen, hips and upper legs, even the forearms–which are the acknowledged sources of all power and repeatability in the golf swing.

I designed the CORE Golf Trainer to provide an accurate simulation of the modern golf swing with concentric resistance, ” explained Cavarretta. ” This means that the resistance is always directly in front of the direction of motion. All other types of weight training rely on eccentric resistance, where the muscles are working against a force pulling in the opposite direction. From a golf perspective, this promotes imbalance and encourages the golfer to get outside his swing path. From a health perspective, our type of workout results in essentially no muscle damage, so there is little or no recovery time after a workout.

Company President and CEO Terry Koehler, who brings over 25 years experience in the golf industry to CORE Sports Performance, said he was immediately impressed with the CORE Golf Trainer the first time he saw the early prototypes.

The CORE Golf Trainer can be used on a daily basis to build golf swing memory and strength,” explained Koehler. ” It also provides an outstanding abdominal workout, which accents overall health and fitness, particularly with regard to back strength.

But one of the most exciting aspects of the CORE Golf Trainer is its value as a teaching and learning tool, ” says Koehler. ” Because the resistance is always directly in front of the golfer, and the resistance stops when the motion stops, it is a wonderful device for an instructor to use to isolate various positions in the both the backswing and follow-through, and allows the golfer to experience the feel of a real golf swing in slow motion. ”

Koehler explains that the new CORE Golf Trainer is the only training and fitness product on the market that isolates all of the muscles used in the golf swing in the exact order in which they fire. The machine offers four main exercise routines that strengthen and train the muscle movements required for a powerful and repeating move through impact, as well as applications for putting and short game improvement. Each exercise helps build muscle power and memory by teaching the proper technique under resistance. And because of the CORE Golf Trainer’s unique and patented resistance methodology, the golfer experiences a quick post-workout recovery, so the machine can be used even on days when a round of golf is scheduled.

The CORE Golf Trainer can be purchased individually, or as part of a complete hydraulic fitness circuit with four to eight compatible machines to create a total golf fitness program. The CORE Golf Trainer has a Suggested Retail Price of $3,295, and carries a ten- year warranty. CORE Sports Performance offers discounts to high school and college golf programs, and has a dealer program that is available to all purchasers.

For more information on the CORE Golf Trainer, contact Karen Martin, VP Sales/Eastern U.S., 512-535-5091 or karen[at], or Cori Schock, VP Sales/Western U.S., 512-535-5078 or cori[at]

Swing Juice Featured At Sony Open In Hawaii


Swing Juice

After one too many bleary-eyed 7AM tee times, avid amateur golfer Jon Mason was inspired to create an energy drink that would jump start his game in a healthy way, without a lot of caffeine, carbonation or sodium.

And now, through a strategic partnership with Sony, Swing Juice™ has been selected to hold the coveted role of Featured Energy Drink for the Sony Open in Hawaii January 9th- 15th, 2006. In addition, Swing Juice™ Energy Drink will also be featured at the Turtle Bay Championship (01/06) and the SBS Open (02/06).

Being selected as a featured Premium Energy Drink for these tournaments is a huge honor, ” said Swing Juice™ Founder and President Jon Mason. “ We look forward to successful and energized events, ” he added.

Created as the premium energy drink choice for golf athletes worldwide, Swing Juice™ Energy Drink contains ingredients specifically chosen to provide the mental edge needed to improve your game, all wrapped in a natural lemonade flavor:

Gingko Biloba: Sharpens focus & maintains concentration
Ginseng: Reduces stress, improves performance & boosts stamina
Taurine: Restores fatigued muscles
Guarana: Assists with endurance-based activities & quickens perception
Essential Vitamins D, B12, B6, and Niacin

Swing Juice™ will be available at select Country Clubs nationwide in the coming months as well as at

A proud New England native, Mason is part owner of a Real Estate firm and also moonlights as a model for clients such as Tommy Hilfiger and Brooks Brothers. In addition, Mason is co-founder of the S & J Foundation, a charitable organization which benefits the Rhode Island ALS Chapter (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Swing Juice™ is his first child.

One Last Chance At Golf Gifts!

Hey, Travelling Golfers, one last chance for golf gifts!

Here’s a reminder about Mike Pedersen’s holiday special for all of his golf training products (DVD’s, Manual, etc.)

There is only a few more hours left and the special will be over. The page will be down very soon.

Click HERE to get your golf game in tip top shape for 2006.

Don’t forget to show this page to all your golfing buddies, family and co-workers who would also be interested.

Due to the overwhelming response to Mike Pedersen’s Holiday Blowout special (golf training dvds, manual and power swing weighted club) and the hundreds of emails that he received from people who didn’t get a chance to take advantage of it, Mike is putting up the page for “one more day.”

Click on over to Perform Better Golf’s ultra secret page to get your golf gifts on sale!

After Wednesday…the special is over for good, so go there now !

One Day Only – Gifts For Golfer !

Okay Travelling Golfers, here it is !

The One Day Only Sale on products to help your golf swing.

From our frequent contributor, Mike Pedersen of Perform Better Golf comes a sale on his products that will enhance your swing, make you a more fit golfer and lower your scores.

The ‘nets top golf trainer has agreed to a 24 hour Holiday Blowout on all his training aids and you are the lucky winners.

What a great idea for gifts, stocking stuffers or for yourself.

Mike’s training DVD’s, Manual and Power Golf Swing Weighted Club really work.

This is a “time-sensitive”, one day special. After today the page will be gone.

Please forward this page to your golfing friends, family and co-workers who you think would be interested. They’ll thank you for it.

For the ultra-secret, time-sensitive page, click HERE to be magically transported to the sale of the year !

Golf Gifts They Actually Need And Will Use

Remember to check back after midnight tonight or first thing Tuesday morning for the link to the ultra-secret page of golf gifts.

If you would like to buy the golfer in your life a gift that will actually help them play better golf, instead of more golf balls for them to lose, come back here after midnight tonight and all day Tuesday for the chance to get in on an exclusive sale for the readers of Travelling Golfer.

This sale will only be for the 24 hour period of December 13th.

So, for a great golf gift, stocking stuffer or if you want to help yourself play better golf, you’ll have 24 hours to enjoy these reduced prices.

See you after midnight tonight or on Tuesday !