Bent My New Pitching Wedge!

Bent Club

I went out for a quick 9 for the first time since I blew a disc last August. I had replaced my Adams a07OS with newer, better a12OS hybrid set and I loved the 10-20 range balls I hit over a two week period.

My first hole was a 13* 3-wood then a Gap wedge. The next hole was 13* 3-wood and PW and what you see above is what happened.

I didn’t even know it until the 8th hole when I needed the PW again.

I pulled it out of the bag, got into my setuo and go “Whaaaaaat?!”

I’m gonna Tweet the great folks at Adams Golf and see if they can help out a loyal customer like me 😉

I’ve gotta play my first 18 hole round since last August next week and I need a PW!

Golf Bags Can Give You An Advantage

Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5 Stand Bag - Pine_Black_Gold

Given the importance that the right set of golf clubs can have on your game, it is understandable why so many golfers make this their main focus when they think about which golf equipment to buy next. There is no denying that finding a set of golf clubs that are comfortable and can enhance your game can be very important for golfers but you should always spare some thought for how you store your clubs at home and how you carry these clubs around the course. There is no point in spending a lot of money on golf clubs only to have them ruined by a poor golf bag.

There are many different things that a golfer should consider when looking for a new golf bag and different golfers will have different ideas about the importance of each element. The bag should always be big enough to carry all of the clubs you currently own and you should always leave some room to store additional clubs. Many golfers will add to their club collection over time and if you don’t want to leave any clubs behind, you need to make sure that your golf bag has the space to hold some new additions.

Be comfortable when playing a round of golf

Another big requirement for many golf bags is how comfortable they are to lift and carry around a golf course. 18 holes can be a long trek if the straps on your bag dig into you or the bag is not comfortable to hold. Thankfully there is a wide range of golf bags available to choose from at 118Golf, which means that you should be able to find a bag that is comfortable.

While the functional nature of a golf bag is very important, it is fair to say that many golfers will have a strong interest in the fashionable nature of the bag too. If you are going to be using a golf bag regularly and it is something that your friends, associates and peers will see you with on a regular basis, it is important to ensure that your golf bag matches your image or at least looks presentable.

Golf can be a fun activity but a lot of people do business on the golf course and presenting a positive image at all times can often make the difference. There is also going to be a need to consider the price of the bag and how this fits in with your overall budget.

There are many different things to consider when choosing a golf bag but thankfully there is a very wide range of golf bags to choose from.

New Michigan Golf App for Apple Mobile Devices

Tee It App

Tee It App, Inc, a mobile app developer, announces the release of Tee It App – Michigan for the iPhone, iPads and iTouch. Golfers now have instant access to every golf course in Michigan. Useful course information and exclusive “round tracking” features for scores and multimedia content such as video, pictures, audio and more, are readily available on your iPhone or iPad.

It is fast and easy to find courses through novel map navigation, sophisticated word search or retrieval of previously saved favorites. Driving directions and maps are provided to each golf course. Golfers can view real-time course information including current radar, wind speed and weather, making planning a snap.

“This is the app that brings it all together for less than the cost of a pack of golf tees, remarks Gary Kendra, Tee It App, Inc. President. “Serious golfers have course information at their fingertips while recreational players can record their golf experience in new and fun ways. ”

An intuitive “round tracker” leverages the multi-media capabilities of your mobile device allowing you to store your scores and pictures, audio, video and text notes for each round you play. Round scores and multimedia history are easily retrievable for handicapping and comparison. Share your stored memories, scorecard and course pictures, and videos with other golfers.

“We are pleased to offer Michigan golfers a full-feature app that makes each round of golf more enjoyable and memorable,” said Kendra.

Search the App Store for “Michigan Golf” or “Tee It App” to learn more or download today. View tutorials on YouTube or at

The Travelling Golfer’s Essential Equipment List

There can be few better things than traveling to a new country that has beautiful golf courses: Spain, Scotland, New Zealand, South Africa – there are so many to choose from – but it’s essential to arrive prepared. If you’re a golfer and a traveler, here are a few things to consider when you’re making an equipment packing list.

The Bag

Look for durable, lightweight and roomy. PGA-favourite Club Glove’s selections get rave reviews. Also, look for a car-friendly bag with wheels and a pull-handle to make it easy to haul around with you.

Tip: don’t bring every club you own. Skip a heavy wedge and extra putter to avoid excess weight (and freight charges!). Take an inventory for insurance purposes. Avoid all-black or at least tie a yellow ribbon around your bag so you can pick it out on a luggage belt.

Rainy Games

No big deal, just pack right for it, including a hood for your clubs, full-sized golf umbrella, flexible rain suit, wet- or all-weather gloves, hat, shoe bag, valuables pouch, yardage book covers and dry hands gripping solution. Consider packing a windshield and bring extra towels. Dunlop Golf Glove

Cold Comfort

Along with plenty of light, thin layers, just tote along a woollen hat, scarf and earmuffs. And pack a pair of handwarmers for those early starts.

Good Day Sunshine

Packing for a sunny golf trip is considerably easier, just bring breezy clothes (including shorts, but check with the course about dress code), sunglasses, chapstick and plenty of sunscreen.

A Quick Note on Sunglasses

Specialised sunglasses can give your game a special edge and protect your eyes from UV rays, but the color and type of lens has particular benefits:

  • Grey – this neutral color does not distort color or affect contrast
  • Red – Enhances contrast but distorts other colors
  • Brown and Green – Enhances depth perception, reduces glare, increases contrast and clarity
  • Yellow and Orange – increases both contrast and depth perception

Know the Distance

In the Laser Rangefinders vs. handheld GPS debate, the rangefinders tend to get the upper edge thanks to their simplicity and better battery life.

Have a Ball

But don’t pack too much – every ounce counts when traveling. Softer balls are better for cold weather, but keep golf balls inside overnight whatever the climate.
And a few more things for your list:

  • Drink dispenser
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Extra pair of shoes (soakage happens)
  • Tees
  • Markers
  • Extra spikes / spike wrench
  • Visor
  • Handicap index
  • USGA rulebook
  • Scorecard and yardage for the course you’ll play
  • Permanent marker – mark your golf balls for easy identification
  • Ball retriever
  • Valuables pouch
  • Insect repellent
  • First aid kit
  • A camera, to capture a few select stunning views!

For the latest golf news and reviews, you can visit the Today’s Golfer website at Happy teeing off!


Will The New Polara Golf Balls Change The Way You Play Golf?

This is a Guest Post brought to you by David L. Felker, PhD, the Inventor of the Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Ball.

The new Polara Ultimate Straight and Ultimate Straight XS golf balls are able to correct hooks and slices by up to 75% … but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Golf has been around in one shape or form in Scotland since 1457 and maybe even since 1297 in the Netherlands.

Golf equipment has evolved tremendously since the old days

In 1976 a couple of non-golfer scientists came up with the original Polara golf ball. Its unique dimple pattern caused the ball to correct hooks and slices in flight.

The company almost immediately sold 100,000 dozen balls. The USGA’s testing concluded the Polara ball did correct hooks and slices, and then promptly passed the “USGA Symmetry Rule”, making all balls like the Polara golf ball non-conforming according to the USGA Rules of Golf.

This was considered to be an ufair business practice, so  Polara sued the USGA. The parties  settled before the trial for approximately $1.4M in favor of Polara and then Polara went away.

Enter Aero-X Golf, Inc (owner of Polara Golf) and David Felker, PhD, the original VP R&D for Callaway Golf Ball Company, who was also the guy behind the Rule 35 ball in 2000 and a lot of the Callaway’s golf ball technology.

After leaving Callaway, David went to work as a consultant with Aero-X Golf and worked to improve upon the Polara design. As a result, in November 2010 the new Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls were brought to market and are currently available on Polara’s website. These golf balls work so well that they come with a full money-back guarantee.

A Totally New Golf Ball Dimple Design

The new Polara Ultimate Straight ball’s dimple design is completely different and is almost the opposite of the original Polara ball.

Instead of 3 rows of deep spherical dimples on each side of the equator, the new Polara has 3 rows of shallow truncated dimples on each side of the equator.

Instead of having shallow truncated dimples on the poles, the new Polara Ultimate Straight balls have deep spherical and added tiny dimples on the poles.

Based on wind tunnel testing done at Princeton University, the new Polara dimple design has three types of dimples, each designed to perform a specific function and the result is a ball that now corrects up to 75% of hook and slice dispersion.

The special dimple design creates a principle axis of inertia (this is the axis that the ball naturally wants to rotate about) and when rotating about this principle axis the ball generates much lower lift and drag forces.

The lift force is what is responsible for the off center-line flights of slice and hook shots.

Because the ball generates substantially lower lift, it is recommended that golfers tee the ball high and even use a high lofted driver – this will provide a lot of extra distance over using a low loft driver (8 or 9 degree driver) with the ball teed down low.

Polara Golf’s slice and hook reducing performance claim is backed up by independent robot tests performed by Golf Laboratories of San Diego

The independent testing reveals that the Polara Ultimate Straight balls can actually correct over 80% of the off-line flight caused by some slice shots.  This means if you hit a shot with a normal golf ball and it travels 100 feet off center, the new Polara Ultimate Straight ball will fly as little as 20 feet off center.

The difference is like being in the fairway of the hole you are playing versus being in the adjoining fairway of the hole someone else is playing!

Now, the Polara Ultimate Straight is still not approved for play in USGA sanctioned events like the US Open, but take heart, not all of us will play in the US Open or nor do all of us follow every last USGA rule.

In fact there is a good argument being made by some of us who want to help grow the game of golf, that a new set of rules need to be used for recreational golfers and these rules should allow the use of equipment based on technology advances that make the game a little more fun for people.

There will still be the challenges of water hazards, long puts, reading the greens, avoiding and getting out of the sand.

And if someone wants more challenge from slices and hooks, they can always play a regular golf ball and even use an old persimmon wood driver.

It should be up to each of us how we want to enjoy our four hours on the course. Golf is a tough game, it’s not easy to learn, it’s time consuming, has a high drop-out rate and golfers need some help.

The Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls will correct the number one problem in golf – the slice

If your game includes drawing and fading the ball at will, the new Polara ball is not for you. You will not be able to draw and fade the Polara ball like the ball you are used to playing. But, if you’re that good, I still recommend you purchase a dozen Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls for this reason: Put them in your bag and the next time the foursome in front is holding up play looking for lost balls, offer them as a gift. It will improve the pace of play and everyone will enjoy that!

The Polara golf ball is designed for the average golfer who has trouble with slices and hooks. I’m a 26 handicap golfer with a bad slice. I played golf a few weeks ago with a friend and using the Polara Ultimate Straight XS I hit every fairway. I never did that before!  It was a lot more fun than my usual round where I lose many balls in the rough and woods.

Had Polara been around in the days of Mark Twain, instead of quipping, “Golf is a good walk spoiled”, Twain might have exclaimed, ‘Golf is a lot more fun from the fairway!”

Please Give Me Your Advice on Golf Equipment

What is the one thing a golf equipment manufacturer could ask, tell, show or give you that would cause you to buy a new golf club?

Leave you answer in the comments section below this post.

One man’s (or woman’s) question is another man’s answer.

One single thing.

The one most important to you.

One thing.

Let’s tell ’em what we want and make ’em beg to give it to us!

It’s that time of the golf season for most of us.

The time when we sit back and wait for the manufacturers to bombard us with the new features of their new golf clubs.

They always have features, but they never have benefits.

High C.O.R? Who cares. What will it help me do? Drive the ball farther into the weeds?

Higher Moment of Inertia? Who cares? Will it really take 3 strokes off my game? Id so, why didn’t it do it this year?

Thinner face? Thicker topline? Whoop-de-freakin’-do!

Features, features and more features.

I need benefits. It’s all about me. Tell me what it’ll help me do and then SHOW ME how to do that.

Money back if it doesn’t work will be nice too.

Then YOU GUYS have some skin in the game and not just me.

Get Your Grooves On

Over the past few months, we’ve all seen lots of information . . . and misinformation . . . on the changes in the Rules of Golf regarding grooves on irons and wedges.

So, to set the story straight, EIDOLON Golf President Terry Koehler aka The Wedge Guy and award-winning golf journalist Steve Pike have written “The Spin Zone – The Real Truth About Grooves.”

This 24-page ebook is FREE for downloading at a new website:

This is the most comprehensive explanation of the new rules that has been published anywhere. You’ll learn exactly how and why the rule came about and how it will affect your golf and equipment purchasing, if at all. also offers you a chance to take “The Great Groove Survey”, which will let you make your thoughts and feelings on the subject be heard.

I’ve already been there, taken the survey, signed up for further updates and downloaded the ebook.

No pain, no effort, no reason not to go, so do it now!

Need Some Golf Equipment?


We all need golf equipment and we need someone who cares about our needs.

The folks at NJGolfman seem to be just that kind of people.

They’re committed to providing their customers with access to brand name, top quality products at unbelievably low prices.

They’re a family-owned, brick and mortar golf shop and understand the importance of customer service, especially in the golf industry.

Their goal is to provide internet customers with the same integrated quality merchandise and service that our in-store customers receive.

If you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by and tell ’em Mike sent you!

They’re located at 610 Washington Street Hoboken, New Jersey 07030.

They also have 14000+ positive feedbacks on

Give ’em a chance to win your business!

Secure And Fast Online Transactions.You can order with confidence knowing that our site features secure order processing. This means your order is encrypted for your privacy and security – GUARANTEED. Our inventory, product selection and specials are updated daily so bookmark our site and visit frequently. Also, sign up to join our mailing list and obtain exclusive access to online.

And while you visiting NJGolfman, be sure to stay in New York Hotels.

Industry’s First Adjustable Plastic Golf Cleat

black-widow-tourOn the heels of the recent launch of Black Widow Tour, golf’s first adjustable cleat that enables golfers to custom match their golf cleats to their swing, balance and weight distribution, Softspikes today unveiled

The new micro-site, along with a related Facebook page and other online marketing initiatives created by Softspikes, the world’s leading golf cleat brand and the #1 cleat on Tour, is designed to promote the innovative features and benefits of Black Widow Tour.

The new interactive website debuts just as the Black Widow Tour cleat arrives at retail, specialty, green grass and off-course retail shops nationwide.

The launch, as Softspikes celebrates 17 years of innovation, also coincides with the 15th Anniversary of the first metal spike ban when Softspikes first changed the game forever, saving golf greens and billions of dollars in golf course and clubhouse maintenance.  Further, it was 10-years ago that the original Softspikes Black Widow debuted and redefined the plastic golf cleat category forever.

“We are very excited to launch this new website to promote the unmatched
features and benefits of Black Widow Tour,
” said John Hohman, VP of
Marketing, PrideSports, maker of Softspikes.  “Everyone has worked so hard
on the development of this site, and we are confident our customers will
find it very beneficial.”

Hohman adds, “As the number one selling cleat brand in the world, and as the cleat of choice for more than 70% of the field at PGA TOUR events for the past 13 years, I believe players of all levels will be very pleased with our new offering in the Softspikes family of cleats.”

In returning to its Black Widow roots, the Black Widow Tour cleats follow in
the Softspikes heritage of providing extreme traction and comfort, combined with ultimate green-friendliness, by taking the Company’s proprietary technologies to the next level in offering golf’s first adjustable cleat.

Defining the innovation behind Black Widow Tour is self-adjusting traction
technology and new “Support Rings” that enable golfers to customize the
level of comfort in their cleats.  Highlighted by 8 traction elements,
including 4 large flexible legs that provide unmatched grip on any
terrain/surface, the cleat is matched with 4 cushioning towers that absorb
secondary loads and then distribute the golfer’s weight throughout the
cleat.  These features are then combined with proprietary “Support Rings”
that allow golfers the option to select the comfort setting that best suits
their game.  “Support Rings” attached to each individual Black Widow Tour
cleat can be positioned in two distinct settings:

Tour-Comfort Setting: Provides maximum flex, ultimate comfort and extreme traction.

Tour-Firm Setting: Provides extreme traction through a firmer, spike-like feel, by providing more resistance at initial impact.

“Adjustability has become a big part of golf equipment today, as players
strive to custom match their equipment to their golf swing,”
said Hohman.
“We have taken this same approach with Black Widow Tour and utilized our proprietary technology to enable golfers to customize their level of
comfort, which positively impacts each individual player’s swing, balance
and weight distribution.”

With Black Widow Tour, Softspikes expects to replicate the success of the
original Black Widow, which was launched in 1999 as the most innovative golf cleat ever developed, offering unmatched traction, comfort and durability.

Soon after its introduction, Foot Joy, the world’s leading golf shoe
company, made Black Widow original equipment on all of its golf shoes.
This, along with strong consumer appeal for the product, quickly made Black
Widow the #1 selling cleat in the world – a distinction Softspikes maintains
today.  Equally important, Black Widow became the cleat of choice on TOUR,
amassing hundreds of victories.