Puma Representation at the 2014 Majors

Puma Representation at the Masters

Nike have Tiger and Rory, Oakley have Bubba and Zach, Hugo Boss have Martin Kaymer and even Adidas Ashworth have Justin Rose; leaving Puma Golf as one of the only major brands who do not currently have a major winner on their books. However, that could all change in the very near future as the likes of Jonas Blixt and Graham DeLaet are beginning to bolster their major winning potential which, in turn, also eases the pressure on Rickie Fowler who had been relied upon for so long by this German powerhouse of a golf brand.

Jonas Blixt

Jonas Blixt has been part of Puma Golf for three years now and having signed a long-term contract extension in 2013, he looks set to remain with the brand which he fits in so perfectly with. A bit more elaborate, a bit more eccentric, a bit more fun – the Puma Golf brand know how to set themselves apart from the crowd and Blixt is now an integral part of the  brand’s repertoire. Two professional tour victories and some stellar performances on the big stage (4th at the US PGA Championship 2013, T2 at the US Masters 2014) certainly add weight to the argument that Jonas Blixt has the game, the nerve and the composure for the biggest occasions.

Even at the European Tour’s flagship event last week, Jonas was always somewhere around the top of the BMW PGA Championship leaderboard. It would also appear that he loves coming back to Europe to play with a T26 finish at The Open in 2013 followed by a 2nd place at the Nordea Masters in Sweden, too. Jonas has also been confirmed for the 2014 Scottish Open at Royal Aberdeen, which is due to be played just a week before the Open Championship at Royal Liverpool, and it would be difficult not to consider Jonas for a top five finish at either of these events in the UK this Summer.

Rickie Fowler

Equally so, not many will be able to discount Rickie Fowler from the running at the 143rd Open Championship, either. Managing T10, T19 and T5 finishes in three of his last four majors – Rickie Fowler is another who loves the big stage and will relish the opportunities provided by the Hoylake links course. The only blemish on Fowler’s Open record was at Muirfield last year; T14, T5 and T31 finishes in his other three appearances confirm that his daring and creative game is perfectly suited to links golf.  It has also been well documented that Rickie has been working closely with Butch Harmon this season and with some slight inconsistency still apparent; it is only a matter of time before it all comes together and culminates in a major victory.

For the latest tournament golf scripts and Puma golf style guides visit Golfposer.

Graham DeLaet

Graham DeLaet is another strong prospect for a major championship title. Having signed with the brand in January of this year, the Canadian has not necessarily shown great form in his only two major starts but several second place finishes on the PGA Tour would seriously suggest he is a player out of the top drawer. Even if he doesn’t quite manage to contend at the four majors, he is incredibly marketable and wears the Puma Golf brand superbly well – both of which will further reduce the pressure and retract some of the attention away from Rickie Fowler on the major stage. The US Open at Pinehurst is the next major on the 2014 calendar with the Open at Royal Liverpool soon after; it will be very interesting to see whether a Puma Golf athlete can finally fulfil their major winning potential.


Golf Clothing and Shoes at Function Eighteen

People often ask me if serious golfers start thinking about golf after the new year. They always get the same answer, “Serious golfers never STOP thinking about golf!”  Granted, our favorite sport dictates a few of our resolutions – we’ll resolve to golf certain courses, add to our arsenal, overcome bad habits, adopt better habits, etc. Resolutions are all about improving, and golfers are always looking for improvement.

One way to improve our game (or at the very least improve our image) is to improve our golf clothing and shoes. My favorite place to shop for golf clothing is online. No lines. Great deals. Fast. Easy. Did I mention no lines?

If, like me, you’re a fan of Nike and Puma, you’ll want to check out a popular leading suppliers of golf clothes, Function 18.  On Function 18’s great (and huge!) website,  you can choose from top brands including Nike golf and puma. Nike is the world’s #1 sports brand and their golf division, Nike Golf, is the world’s leading manufacturer of golf clothing and footwear. No matter what you’re looking for, it’s just a click away.

However, you can find more than just Nike Golf and Puma on Function 18. They also have a great range of sale Adidas golf clothing, including the great looking Adidas Golf Fall Weight Golf Pants you see pictured in the graphic above.

If you start adding to your golf clothing collection now, you’ll be set by the time warmer weather (finally) gets here.  Click through either of the links above above and take a look at everything in the Nike Golf, Puma, and Adidas collections.


Things to Look For When Shopping for Golf Shoes

Ecco Biom HydroMax™Golf Shoe 131004 When you’re shopping for Golf Shoes (especially if you’re shopping online), there are certain guidelines you need to consider.  I thought a post dedicated to these guidelines was in order. I also wanted to introduce you to the wide range of golf shoes from Ecco, so this will be a chance to do that as well.

When it comes to shopping for golf shoes, the key things to keep in mind are:

  • Design and Comfort – Obviously you want a pair of golf shoes that offer you the support, impact absorption, and exceptional comfort. When you’re playing a round of golf, the LAST thing you want to think about is your feet.  You need a pair of shoes designed so well that they do all of the thinking for you.
  • Fit – This one’s a no-brainer, but how could I leave it out of the list?! When you shop online for golf shoes, make sure the website features a comprehensive Size Chart. For Example, the great looking shoe you see to the right is from Ecco and is available online at Function 18.com. The website provides a comprehensive size chart. right down to foot length. You can click through the shoe, itself, to see what I mean.
  • Price – When shopping for golf shoes, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. This is true for most things in life, isn’t it? If you play golf regularly, your feet, back, and hips will thank you if you look for quality rather than savings. Experts tell us that a great pair of golf shoes can actually even help your game. We’re all looking for a little edge out there – and the shoes you put on your feet can literally give you a sharp edge.
  • Weatherproof Warranty vs Water Resistant – Again, how often you play in in what types of conditions you’re willing to play in will help you determine which of these you’ll want to watch for.  A shoe with a “water resistant” label means there isn’t a “Waterproof Warranty” (usually a 2 year guarantee). A Weatherproof Warranty (which the shoe I’ve spotlighted on the right has).  If you play a lot of golf in the morning, you know what it’s like to play in dew – you’d be a great candidate for a waterproof warranty.

The shoe showcased above (as well as the ones shown below) are all from Function 18. Shop online at function 18 for a wide variety of great looking golf shoes.


Dressing For the Weather

Bunker Mentality Jack Puffer Caddy - Black Golf is an all weather sport. You’ll get no sympathy if you say you don’t want to go home because it’s raining. That’s why you should do what everyone else is doing, and start wearing the right clothes for the weather. Base layers, mid layers and top layers can, when combined correctly, help to combat cold, wet, wind and heat; it’s just knowing which you need. Being warm and dry makes you more comfortable than being shivering and wet, which means that you play a better game.

The Base Layer

As the name suggests, the base layer is the one worn first, next to the skin. A good base layer will absorb moisture to keep you cool and dry. Cotton doesn’t work for this purpose as it absorbs a certain amount of moisture, but then stays next to the skin and can make you cold and uncomfortable. This works both in hot and cold environs as in either situation you don’t want to have moisture next to the skin. A fabric with a higher absorbency or a wicking system works best when it is tight fitting so it can absorb as much moisture as possible. A wicking system draws moisture out quickly and allows it to evaporate easily.

The Mid Layer 

The mid layer is mainly for thermal insulation, so it is only needed in cold weather. Base layers are usually made from a fabric called microfleece as it is effective at keeping in heat, but can carry moisture away too. It is a hydrophobic fabric, which means that it is water repellent, and therefore good for active wear in cold conditions. However, because microfleece is designed to trap air, it means that it isn’t windproof, though higher density fleece can have more resistance to the wind. The mid layer should be looser fitting than the base layer, but won’t be too loose as this can reduce the moisture wicking qualities. In warm weather, you are unlikely to need a midlayer.

The Outer Layer

The outer layer should provide shelter from the wind and rain, but should be breathable so it lets the moisture out. The modern material Gore-Tex is created with tiny holes that are too small for rain and wind to penetrate, but big enough for moisture from the inside to escape in the form of water vapour.

Looking Stylish

Just because you’re dressing practically doesn’t mean you can’t look good on the green. Check out www.bunker-mentality.com for a range of stylish but practical clothes that will change the way you dress for golf.


The History of Golf Clothes

It is widely accepted that golf as we know it today was invented in Scotland during the Middle Ages. Over the years the game itself has evolved, as well as the designs of the golf ball and the club. The clothing that people wear to play golf in has also changed dramatically over the years.

Galvin Green Burns Windstopper Black/Green

The Early Years

In the eighteenth century, golfers often simply wore kilts and animal skins to keep them warm on the cold and blustery Scottish greens. They swapped to Knickerbocker type trousers that ended just after the knee when they realised that they kept their legs warmer. Today the bright plaid and tartan patterns that you see are harking back to this period in golfing history.

The 19th Century

The game of golf had really taken off and was becoming popular, but as conservative Victorian values had become the norm, golfers dressed in full formal attire. This meant that women golfers played in full regalia, including corsets and bonnets, and men wore full trousers (tucked into puttees or stockings) and morning coats. Being respectable and stylish was more important than practicality and comfort was. The game of golf was seen as masculine, and even though women played it too, they were only allowed to putt- anything else was seen as too manly and they couldn’t swing as they were too restricted anyway!

The 20th Century

In the beginning of the 20th century, golfers still played in their formal attire, but when war broke out people other than the richest began playing golf too. The rigid social classes and gender roles began to break down and formality wasn’t as important to society as it used to be. Golfers swapped their suit jackets for shirts and bow ties. In 1933 women’s golf was turned upside down when Gloria Minoprio wore trousers at a major championship.

The Fifties and Sixties

Golfers like Arnold Palmer and Gary Player helped golf move from still being very conservative to more practical and functional as well as being more playful. They wore khaki pants and polo shirts for freedom of movement.

The Seventies and Eighties

During this period the colours became more lurid and loud, with golf players sporting colours such as bright pinks, blues, oranges and yellows all together in one outfit. Patterns also became popular, and the louder the better.

The 21st Century

Today, golf professionals wear clothing that is specifically designed for golf; clothing that protects them from the elements on the course, but allow them freedom of movement and to be comfortable.  www.golfposer.com offers a wide range of golf clothing, from shirts and knitwear to belts and bags from designers as well as their own collection.

3 Questions About Golf Clothing and Outerwear

Galvin Green Acton GoreTex Waterproof Jacket Green_2

When I think of golf clothing, I have 3 questions that immediately come to mind.

Is it stylish?

Does it perform?

Can I afford it?

Golf clothing has now become a thriving industry in itself, with the world’s leading brands competing to become the most popular on the course. Tournaments such as the Masters and the upcoming US Open have now become a “Catwalk” for brands to showcase their latest ranges to the golfing world.

In my opinion, despite many sporting brands having great success in the golfing industry, you can’t go wrong with a brand, such as Galvin Green, that specializes in golf clothing. Their golfing focus has made them a trusted brand amongst both professional and amateur golfers over the years.

The Galvin Green waterproof line is legendary amongst Pro tour players and amateurs worldwide and is a great investment, as the high quality material is sure to last you many, many years on the greens.

It’s almost like they asked golfers to design their items, not “engineers”. The Galvin Green collection has room exactly where you need it without being baggy and unattractive, fitting like a golfer wants to be fitted.

It’s been one of the wettest Spring’s on record here near my home,and the waterproofs have definitely been a necessity lately. Golf umbrellas may keep you dry between holes, but Galvin Green Waterproofs are by far the best, practical solution for keeping dry and comfortable when playing.

For style, performance and affordability, you should run, not walk, to grab some Galvin Green golf wear!

Galvin Green is now available for purchase online at www.function18.com.


Golf Wear with Technical Designs to Rival Skiwear

Sunice Golf Austin Softshell Jacket White

Strong waterproofing, full breathability and an unbeatable level of insulation. You’d think that this was the design specification for the latest ski jacket, but no, I’m talking about top quality golf wear. Many sportswear brands are increasingly finding that some of the technical design elements previously used in skiwear can actually be valuable qualities within the design of golf wear too.

Whether you’re playing golf on the greens of Florida or the south of Spain, weather conditions are never certain. That’s why using technical elements such as breathable and insulating fabrics within golf clothing will allow the wearer to maintain comfort and movement while staying protected from whatever the weather conditions have in store.

One such brand that saw the potential in using the same technical fabrics found in skiwear for the creation of golf clothing is Sunice. Established in 1976 as a dynamic skiwear brand, Sunice recognized that the same protective elements used in their collection of ski clothing could also be advantageous to those playing golf – and the range of golf wear was born in 1992.

No one likes calling off a round of golf just because of a little rain. Sunice golf clothing comes with a Gore-Tex waterproof guarantee to ensure quality protection even in the dampest of weather conditions. Ideal for the year-round golfer, their high quality golf wear not only provides a technical design but also quality and stylish fits that will make sure you look the part both on and off the course.

Offering insulation that doesn’t compromise on performance, Sunice golf jackets feature insulating properties but with a completely stripped down design so that there is no extra material, which ensures not only a comfortable fit but freedom to swing naturally.

For additional freedom of movement, Sunice also offer a number of short sleeve cover-ups with innovative Gore-Tex materials, providing superior protection from the elements, allowing you to concentrate on your round, not the conditions.

Try out the technical designs of Sunice golf collection for your self – Sunice can be purchased from a number of leading golf clothing retailers including online golf store www.function18.com.

 Click on any of the thumbnails below to view the larger picture.


My Golf Shoe Buying Quest

golf-shoesI’m on a new golf shoe buying quest.

I need new golf shoes to go with my new red golf towel. I’ll tell you about that in my next post.

So as I’m toolin’ around the ‘net, I find all kinds of reviews, mostly poorly done, but I can’t find the exact size, the exact color, the exact width, the brand I want, etc.

But, while I was reading an article about Tiger Woods on The Golf Channel website, I noticed that they also have a section of their website dedicated to golf shoes !

So I clicked thru to check out the golf shoes and I find an entire section of nothing but men’s shoes with an amazing drop down menu that lets me filter the results to customize my search !

The photo in this post, of the Etonic 3Z golf shoes, was just a few of the great deals I found. They probably don’t want me telling you just how inexpensive their prices are, so you’ll have to click thru and customize your own search for the exact size, in the perfect color, with the right width.

The World’s Most Stylish Golf Towel

New ruletwentyone back-pocket golf towel supports the industry and economy.

ruletwentyone golf towels

ruletwentyone, a new waterproof back-pocket towel that was launched at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, has announced it is committed to creating a socially conscious company that offers innovation to the golf world and gives back to the rest, including the U.S. economy.

The company has created a solution for golfers to put clean shots at their
fingertips with a functional and fashionable ball and clubface cleaning towel that has a social conscience and is affordable. The new ruletwentyone tool is available for under $20, Made in the U.S.A. and created with eco-friendly materials.

With the economy faltering, I felt like I needed to do my part,” says Joe
Borgenicht, CEO and founder of rulegolf. “I found a way to contribute to keeping our own economy moving and established a company based on my passion for the game of golf.

Borgenicht, an Oxford educated auto-mechanic, television producer and renowned author, decided to embrace his passion for the game of golf and launch rulegolf in 2008. Originally looking at product development overseas, he was influenced by the state of our world. Borgenicht therefore adapted his business plan to transition development from overseas back to the states, and pressed forward by providing quality, innovation, and a Made in the U.S.A. tag.

I remembered something that I learned after returning home from a three-month motorcycle trip around the Indian sub-continent,” says Borgenicht. “Whatever you’re looking for, is most likely in your own backyard,” he says. “Within two weeks of changing my business plan, I discovered three different factories less than an hour and a half from our offices. These companies could each do their part and help to create a quality, innovative product that is Made in the U.S.A.”

Borgenicht, who has always let his instincts and interests drive his entrepreneurial spirit, says he is convinced that cool, new, innovative accessories will help drive this economy for the golf industry. “All of my retailers keep telling me that our price point is a perfect fit for their pro-shops. And, my direct sale customers say the same thing. Avid golfers might be faced to choose between a $300 GPS system and a high-end, must-have, intuitive tool for under $20 that simplifies their game,” he
says. “ruletwentyone is a solid sell,” confirms Borgenicht.

Mark Ashton, with Baker Hill Golf Club in New Hampshire, says that when buying for his shop each year, he looks for items that are unique and useful at a good price. “The ruletwentyone towel introduces an exciting idea to a bland product. People will certainly notice it. When they find out it works, it’s convenient and inexpensive, they will purchase it,” he says.

Current golf industry reports indicate that 2009 PGA Merchandise Show attendees were looking for relatively low-cost items that would make for impulse buys…in a year when consumers may procrastinate buying a new driver or set of irons. Reports stated that the goal was to find items that would work well as gifts and prizes for tournaments and outings.*

ruletwentyone is an affordable tool for the game of golf that can result in a
smoother game, helping to uplift the golf industry and most importantly, a
recovering economy. For more information surrounding Joe Borgenicht, rulegolf and ruletwentyone, visit: ruletwentyone.com.

ruletwentyone is the only golf towel stylish enough to take with you on a trip to the French Riviera and if you go, stop in France’s most stylish city and stay in one of the best Paris Hotels.

Tehama and Travelling Golfer Look Great Together

Tehama Mens Golf Wear

Okay, this guy’s not as good looking as I am, but I like the shirt and I love Tehama’s golf wear.

If anybody from Tehama reads this, I’ll be easy to convince to accept you guys as the premier sponsor here on Travelling Golfer !

For a complete look at the Fall 2007 collection from Tehama, here’s a link to their “Lookbook“.

You’ll find Men’s and Women’s golf apparel there and they look great on the course and off.

Hey Tehama ! Call me ! Email me ! Whatever ! I’m in.

And Oh By The Way, Tehama … whoever’s doing your website has no idea what they’re doing.