Andrew Giuliani Makes A Run At PGA Tour

Andrew GiulianiThe November issue of DETAILS hits stands in the next day or so and it has a great interview with Andrew Giuliani who’s ready to move past the Duke golf team scandal and step out Dad Rudy’s shadow.

Giuliani opens up to DETAILS about making amends with his father, playing golf with Tiger Woods, and making a run for the PGA Tour.

Click thru and give it a read.

Photo courtesy of DETAILS Magazine.

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  • Andrew Giuliani is a great player. Thanks for writing on him.

  • I’ve been watching him on Big Break and the way everyone hates him is pretty unreal. I can’t believe how many guys really just don’t like him based on some goofy jokes, slightly older style and general upbeat attitude. Sure he talks a lot and sometimes it can be annoying but I mean they act like they stole their goldfish.

    He seems like a good guy and I would like to see him do well for himself outside of his family name. He’s on his way. Nice find on the article, I never would’ve thought looking there.

  • I’ve never seen Andrew play but knowing him for a long time i can tell you this, he’s not all these bad things they make him out to be.

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